Wikileaks is back on Amazon's servers, barely two weeks after the company said it would stop hosting Wikileaks in a move many suspect was a result of pressure from Western governments.

The turn-around came about when Danish newspaper Politiken chose to mirror content from the web whistleblower on its own website. For that, Politiken purchased server space in Amazon's cloud centre, which Wikileaks was thrown out of less than two weeks ago.

"Our choice of Amazon came about by chance, although I can well see that it looks a little odd," Per Palmkvist Knudsen, CIO at media group JP/Politiken Hus, told Computerworld Denmark

"There is no political motive or revenge behind having our Wikileaks mirroring running on Amazon's servers," he continued.

The company chose to host the Wikileaks mirror on Amazon's European servers because it was the simplest option, said Knudsen.

"Amazon was fast and easy. But I can see that it would be a great story if we were expelled from Amazon's services again, although it's not intended," he said.

The IT director of JP/Politiken Hus has used Amazon's cloud services previously, but the Wikileaks mirror is the only Politiken service that runs at Amazon now.

"More generally, we test various cloud providers when there is a reason for it. We have previously used Amazon in some contexts, and we have experience with a number of other providers, so we are well prepared if we need to put a lot of services in the cloud," said Knudsen.