New software from Wicom will allow support technicians to get full contact centre telephony services from their mobiles.

The client covers Nokia Series60 and Series80 handsets and provides directory information, availability management, contact centre queues, call recording and least-cost routing. It also supports voice-over-WLAN on compatible handsets, such as Nokia's E-series, said Jouni Purontaus, Wicom 's founder and CTO.

The client also connects to Wicom's CSS software, which combines a traditional PBX, IP telephony and contact centre services, according to Purontaus. He acknowledged that PBX client software for smartphones is not new, but claimed his version goes much further than rivals.

"All the other players are routing calls through the PBX to the client, we also have a client in the mobile phone so we can make intelligent decisions there too," he said. "For example, your calendar can control your availability, so if Outlook says you're in a meeting, your phone won't ring. The client application can control calls as well, so it can prioritise service calls over private calls, and we can do mobile phone recording and reporting too."

The client collects reporting data on all calls made and received on the mobile phone, whether through the call manager or not, Purontaus said. He added that it records calls by setting up a three-way conference call and using the third leg to stream audio to a voice mailbox on a server.

"The bottom line is we have an equivalent to Cisco Call Manager, with software running on standard servers. The difference is we have all the elements in one box," he said. "In the classic contact centre model, the agents have softphones on PCs. On top of that we now have a client for personnel who aren't at their desk all the time, and the same rules are valid for then as for the desk user.

The software only works with Microsoft Office at the moment, but through open APIs, it hopes to involve other applications such as CRM. Wicom CSS is operator-independent, and sells to telecoms service suppliers who then sell integrated IP telephony services to business customers, Purontaus said.