Ever wanted to see a hard disk in action? Now's your chance with Western Digital's latest Raptor drive. It has a clear cover, so the 150GB, 10,000rpm, serial ATA drive can be seen whizzing around. It's a geek thing.

What's nice is that it's not a novelty drive either - it was two years in the making and involves some advanced technology. The Raptor provides fast workstation performance while exposing its innards -the upper lid has a clear crystalline polycarbonate lens glued into it.

The lens material was chosen partly for strength and rigidity. To avoid static charges building up and zapping the read/write heads, it has a special coating to dissipate static electricity. The adhesive holding the lens in place is injected with carbon nanotubes so any static charge building up is conducted away into the exterior metal casing.

Western Digital's storage manager Tom McDorman was caught waxing lyrical over the new product's "radically progressive style". "Created exclusively for performance enthusiasts, WD Raptor X delivers what they want most - maximum performance and plenty of flair."

You can see from this pic though that the radically progressive style and flair doesn't extend to the drive's colour - it is a dull black. And there is, of course, a not-insigificant second problem: unless you have a see-through PC case you won't be able to see the drive at all, let alone look into it. That's a pity because you will have spent $349.99 buying it.

The Raptor hard drive