Western Digital has released a 2TB version of its cool-running, low-power WD AV-GP line of SATA hard drives.

Targeted at the consumer electronics and security surveillance markets, the $299 (£200) WD20EVDS hard drive takes advantage of the company's GreenPower Technology, using a combination of features to reduce power consumption by up to 40 percent.

WD said that the drive's operating noise level was "virtually below the threshold of human hearing," making it a ideal for consumer electronic purposes such as DVRs and media centres, as well as for audio- and video-recording situations where low operating volume is key.

The AV-GP hard drives include a technology the company calls Preemptive Wear Levelling (PWL) to prevent uneven wear across the drive surface, which is common in AV streaming situations such as always-on video surveillance.

The company's IntelliPark technology helps reduce power consumption by unloading the heads when not in operation to reduce aerodynamic drag. IntelliPark also makes the drive more resistant to non-operating shock in environments where the drive is transported or handled frequently.