Many organisations are now turning to WAN optimisation products to improve performance of their WAN links but companies who using cloud services are set to benefit

That's according to research from the Aberdeen Group, which found that companies that use WAN optimisation techniques will benefit in terms of cost savings. In the report, Cloud Services Redefine the Need for WAN Optimization, the company said that the average cost of networking services per employee in a cloud environment was estimated at a half that of an employee in an on-premise environment. And the difference is set to get more acute, according to Aberdeen, the increase in cost for an employee using cloud will be 3.9 percent, compared to an increase of 5.8 percent for an on-premise employee.

Furthermore, the research found that the use of WAN optimisation is magnified when it's applied to cloud environments. For example, the company found that the impact of WAN optimisation on a VoIP system is 19 percent in an on-premise set-up but 30 percent within a cloud environment.

In addition, claimed the Aberdeen Group, the use of WAN optimisation reduces some of the risks. The company said that WAN optimisation technology would be able to mitigate some of the risks involved in areas such as system complexity, managing data loss and monitoring network activity.