VoIP provider Vonage has less than two weeks till a US court will decide whether it can continue.

On 24 April, the US Court of Appeals will either give the company a chance to survive or it will essentially pull the plug on the service provider's life support.

The VoIP company has asked the court for a stay on a ruling that would prevent it from signing up new customers while it appeals a patent infringement verdict.

Vonage was found guilty of infringing on Verizon's patents in early March and ordered to pay $58 million in damages plus royalties.

According to published reports an appeals court will hear oral arguments on 24 April, in Vonage's request for a permanent stay while it appeals.

Last week a federal judge barred Vonage from signing up new customers until it is no longer infringing on Verizon's patents. On the same day the Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay - a series of legal moves explained here.