It may be time to turn the heating up, but the netman market is already cooking on gas as this week's announcements make clear:

If you're planning or troubleshooting a converged voice and data LAN, you're the target for WildPackets' latest network analyser, called EtherPeek VX. The company says that by adding per-call VoIP analysis to EtherPeek's packet decode capabilities, it has allowed engineers to see how network problems and latencies affect voice users.

It says EtherPeek VX users can assess VoIP calls both objectively, via metrics such as MOS, and subjectively, by playing back calls to see the effects of jitter. It can analyse up to 100 open calls simultaneously, on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet networks, and supports multiple signalling protocols such as SIP, H323, MGCP and SCS.

Sun renews network computing
Sun has revealed its plans for the network security technology that it acquired last year with Nauticus Networks. Server product manager Mark Littlewood says it gives Sun a very high performance switch with built-in features such as denial-of-service protection, SSL offloading and load balancing.

He says Sun will use it to add secure app management and resource optimisation to existing systems network architecture. "It's quite a different thing to what Sun does today, but it is key to what we're doing about building a distributed infrastructure," he added. Sun claims that the technology will allow it to improve price/performance by up to ten times.

Gigabit heads for home
Home and small office users could start to adopt Gigabit Ethernet faster than enterprises, thanks to cut-price switches and NICs from Belkin that should push the cost below £30 per PC. The company's five-port 10/100/1000 switches list at £55 and its NICs at £20 including VAT, with street prices around 20 percent lower still.

"They're intelligent but unmanaged," says Belkin's marketing exec Liz Holland. "They're auto-sensing and auto-crossover though, so shouldn't need management." She suggests enterprises could therefore use them at the edge, adding that Belkin also has rack-mountable eight, 16 and 24-port versions.