Several months after Three launched its “Feel at Home” service, British mobile phone operator Vodafone today announced a new plan that will allow customers to use their phone as normal in eight countries, providing they pay a set fee each day. 

Unlike Three, which permits travellers to roam at no extra charge in 16 countries, Vodafone customers must pay pay an extra £5 per day to use its WorldTraveller so they can make calls, send texts and use data as they would at home,.

The Vodafone tariff allows travellers visiting the US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa to use their plan’s regular allowances once they have activated the WorldTraveller plan, which can be done for free by calling 5555.

WorldTraveller is being launched nearly three years after Vodafone launched its EuroTraveller plan back in 2011, which provides the same options for customers travelling to European destinations but for a cost of £3 per day.

The European Union is attempting to push through legislation that leads to a single telecoms market operating across Europe but there is little being done on an international stage at a policy level. As a result, roaming charges are therefore being dictated by the operators themselves.