The new version of Vizioncore's flagship backup package for virtual machines has exited its beta programme and is now available on general release.

Vizioncore has also took announced a couple of data protection bundles for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP (Data Protection Platform) was first revealed in May when it went into beta. Essentially the product allows enterprises to protect their data held on virtual machines (VMs). The new version has an improved user interface, and features enhanced backup and recovery options. It is also includes support for VMware's latest cloud operating system, vSphere 4.

Key features of the new version include more flexible backup and restore options, including instant file level restore, backup and restore to and from SFTP and CIFS repositories, direct to target backups, as well as PowerShell access and full integration with VMware vCenter and vMotion.

A customisable GUI management console allows system administrators to schedule and perform entire image, incremental or differential backups of their virtual infrastructure, while the virtual machines remain running.

"We are extremely pleased at the public response to this product, and literally hundreds of our customers participated in the vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP design and testing cycle," said Chris Akerberg, President and Chief Operating Officer, in a statement. "This level of community participation validates to us that the market needs the flexibility and advancements we have introduced with the Data Protection Platform."

vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP is now available to download and trial. Pricing is $499 (£311) per CPU.

Meanwhile the company also announced the Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack, which is essentially a new sales package aimed SMBs that have adopted, or are considering, VMware vSphere Essentials. It includes licences for six CPUs, equivalent to the vSphere Essentials licence.

Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack comes in two bundles. The primary bundle includes Vizioncore vRanger Pro for data protection and Vizioncore vControl for high availability, capabilities that not currently offered in the entry-level vSphere Essentials.

There is also a more comprehensive edition, Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack with Replication, which offers vRanger Pro and vControl, but also adds the additional protection and security of Vizioncore vReplicator for offsite disaster recovery replications.