Virtualisation management vendor Vizioncore has launched free versions of its management software in an attempt to tap into the growing demand for virtualisation tools.The company has also bundled together all six of its products together in a package called vEssentials Complete.

Vizioncore's kicked off its free tools initiative earlier this to offer free tools that started earlier this year with the launch of the Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (VESI).

Roger Baskerville, Vizioncore's vice president for EMEA said that with the growing interest in virtualisation, the free tools initiative should whet a lot of interest. "It's using a sprat to catch a mackerel," he said.

He said that the acceptance of Microsoft's PowerShell language had changed the way that users thought of virtualisation tools. "Many products are PowerShell enabled now," he said. "People can now use PowerShell to create scripts that run across different products."

Baskerville said that the company was changing from its dependency on VMware. "One of the things that we saw at VMworld was the large number of companies working on Hyper-V. It's clear to us that the future of virtualisation is going to be multi-vendor. We already have a team of developers working on Hyper-V," he said.

As for the new free products. The company is offering vControl, vOptimizer and vConverter as freeware. vControl offers multi-hypervisor management to tap into this interest in multi-hypervisor installations. vOptimizer helps managers who have end ed up with a whole lot of white space and helps them Identify those areas where stuff has been deleted, while vConverter performs physical to vertical or virtual to virtual conversions, said Baskerville.

The vEssentials Completepackage bundles together all Vizioncore's product range at a special price. 
"We already offered a vEssentials package that offered a pick any three facility. We now offer a package that means users can choose from the entire range."