Vizioncore has launched a new version of its vRanger Pro Data Protection Platform (DPP).

The Quest subsidiary has released version 4.5 of the image-based data protection technology enables IT administrators to address a major problem that has plagued IT departments for many years—backing up systems of any data size within required time windows.

One of the key elements of the new product is the use of Active Block Mapping, a technology introduced by Vizioncore to allow users to remove inactive blocks when saving. Scott Herold, lead virtualisation architect at Vizioncore said that this meant that users were only backing up real data. "We don't have back up everything passing through the system," he said.

The company has also introduced another technology,Change Block Tracking (CBT), which uses the VMware storage API to list of the changed blocks. Herold said that ABM would allow 40 to 50 percent of time savings, and even greater savings would be achieved with CBT.

In one case provided y Viziocore,  vRanger Pro 4.5 DPP has reduced the data backup time of a 2.8 GB virtual machine from 94 minutes down to just three minutes.

Other features include: Custom Backup Groups, which allows administrators to create backup jobs for vCenter folders and to dynamically include the current list of VMs, and Thin Disk Support which lets admins backup thin-disk virtual machines by only allocating storage space for disk content used by the virtual machines.