Visual effects studio The Mill is using a network-attached storage (NAS) platform from Hitachi Data Systems to future-proof its IT infrastructure to produce advertisements for television and the Internet.

With offices in Singapore, London, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, The Mill is responsible for the video post-production behind adverts for well-known brands including Heineken, Spotify and Nike. It already has more than 132 terabytes of data stored on its primary site, which is used by staff around the clock.

The company needed a robust storage solution to handle the vast amounts of data produced by new video formats such as the latest 4K high definition resolution, which creates video files that are approximately six times the size of traditional video files.

It picked the Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) for its reliability, high-performance and scalability. Even though some adverts can translate into terabytes of data, the hardware-based file system of HNAS helps post-production staff rapidly access information they need.

Using single namespace technology, the system also allows artists to save time by accessing files even if the individual files are physically spread across different storage volumes.

“At The Mill we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality post-production for some of the world’s most exciting companies. As a result, we need to respond to tight deadlines 24x7,” said Stephen Smallwood, infrastructure manager at The Mill.

“Hitachi Data Systems technology gives us the confidence that we are able to deliver to our clients’ needs every time. In addition, the Hitachi NAS Platform is a highly robust, scalable solution which ensures that we are in a good position to handle progressively large storage demands as a result of the emerging 4K format.”

Hitachi said the platform will help The Mill deliver to deadlines and avoid contractual penalties.

“We are confident that Hitachi Data Systems can support The Mill in delivering results on time, every time for its customers by eliminating downtime and help future-proof its IT infrastructure to better respond to future demands,” said Stephen Ball, vice president and general manager of Hitachi Data Systems UK and Ireland.