Western Digital has dismissed the growing trend virtualisation among enterprises as a possible threat, and instead emphasised the indispensable value of internal hard drives in businesses.

"Even if companies are migrating their data centre operations abroad, they'd still need hard drives for simple internal operations," said Noel Timbol, business development manager, Western Digital, at the launch of the company's new line of internal HDD (hard disk drive) products.

Timbol said recent virtualisation efforts undertaken by companies have not made any dent on the sales of their Enterprise models.

"Long-term opportunity is still significant for the HDD industry," added Tod Yagi, worldwide channel marketing, Western Digital. "The continual mass market adoption of HDD products contributes a lot to the growth of the industry."

Yagi said the challenges brought by the global recession have been met with decisive actions on their part, noting the recent acquisition of SiliconSystems - a company manufacturing solid-state drives - which now comprises WD's solid-state storage business unit.

"Our toughest competitor has dominated the market because it has the SAS market on hold. With the new acquisition, we are hoping to gain the lead by venturing into the $400-million embedded systems market, which is steadily growing," Yagi said.

Western Digital is currently the second-largest hard drive manufacturer in the world, and currently leads the market for portable hard drives.

It recently unveiled Western Digital BGB (Blue, Green and Black), a line of hard drives with distinct qualities: Blue being the everyday hard drive, Green the eco-friendly HDD and Black the power-packed hard drive solution. The WD Caviar Green 2TB drive is currently the only HDD of its capacity available in the market.