Virgin Media Business has announced that it is now offering a 3G backlink for its IPVPN service, which enables organisations to connect to their corporate neworks via a wireless router.

The 3G connection is intended as a backup line for when the traditional wired network goes down or loses connectivity. Virgin Media Business claims that network downtime is one of the biggest worries for CIOs, and is a hot topic for complaints against vendors.

For businesses based in remote locations, such as water companies, gaining consistent access to superfast bandwidth can be challenging. IPVPN takes advantage of the mobile signal that is available to allow remote sites to share data and remain connected.

Virgin Media Business has high bandwidth, diversely resilient connections to the mobile networks, meaning it can use the network that provides the best coverage at each of a customer's locations.

The company claims that the 3G access is just as secure, fast and reliable as the wired connection, and the customer won’t even know if they are working off the 3G or the fibre optic network.

“Communications plays a huge role in our everyday business lives – as a nation we’re constantly connected with each other, whether that’s as colleagues or as customers,” said Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing at Virgin Media Business.

“Supplementing traditional connections with a 3G wireless connection, built on a reliable, high capacity network, means businesses can continue to rely on connectivity to keep customers happy and provide working options that meet their employees’ needs.”

Virgin Media Business said that IPVPN can be installed almost anywhere and connected immediately using wireless 3G. This means that lead times are a lot shorter than for fixed line connections, which require a substantial amount of installation work.