Start-up Vieo has launched a new version of its flagship network management appliance, adding support for Citrix and improving the way application data streams are managed in data centre networks.

The Vieo 1000, competing against established offerings from the likes of IBM's Tivoli, Computer Associates and Hewlett-Packard, aims to help application service providers and enterprises keep their networks running as efficiently as possible and to make it easier to spot problems when they occur.

Vieo was founded two years ago by Tivoli executives. Its chief executive is Bob Fabbio, who founded Tivoli. The start-up claims its products are easier to install, maintain and use than those of its larger rivals.

Vieo's initial product, launched in March, automatically discovered, mapped and analysed the environment in a data centre, including application servers from BEA, Apache and Microsoft, databases from Oracle and Microsoft, and the AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

The new edition, unveiled on Monday, adds tighter control over the data streams used by specific end-user applications, allowing companies to ensure high service levels for the most important applications. Without such controls, a spike in database requests from a low-priority inventory control application could affect the performance of high-priority online store transactions, Vieo said. The stream management features ensure the store transactions would be processed first, making for a better end-user experience, the company said. This can be particularly important for service providers who need to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

Other additions are device monitoring capabilities, encompassing switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and other network devices, and support for Citrix, aimed at bringing management of Web applications and Citrix applications into an integrated system. "Customers have clearly asked us to do for Citrix applications what we've done for web applications," said chief executive Fabbio in a statement.

The Citrix capabilities are supposed to make it easier to spot problems with network streams to remote offices across the WAN, streams among software services within the LAN, and problems with network devices on either the WAN or LAN, Vieo said. The appliance is also designed to find problems with physical and virtual servers and software services.

The streams management feature is available now and Citrix support is due by the end of this year.