Enhanced bare metal restore

Veritas has announced Bare Metal Restore 4.7, designed to automate server, database and application recovery in Windows and some Unix shops. The software automates and simplifies the recovery process and eliminates the need to manually reinstall operating systems and configure hardware. It supports Red Hat Linux 2.1, AIX 5.2 and Windows server 2003

'Bare metal restore' technology reduces the time it takes to restore from a system failure by automating the many manual-intensive tasks needed. This release features "dissimilar system restore," which allows administrators to restore a Windows system to target hardware that is completely different from the original source hardware. That can enable a restore to take place although the original server is still dead and the only available substitute has a different configuration. That should get businesses up and running after a crash faster.

An additional feature includes the ability to create custom scripts at various points within the data recovery process to help automate and simplify database and application recovery. This has been traditionally a separate step from the restore process.

It is available at the beginning of February 2004 at no additional cost to current Bare Metal Restore customers with support and maintenance contracts. For new customers, prices start at £794 per Windows client and £882 per Unix client.