Veritas has new versions of its NetBackup and Enterprise Vault software designed for greater integration and ease-of-use.

A new version of the popular NetBackup backup and recovery software will give users a single point of management where they can backup and recover data that has been archived by a variety of different products, said Jeremy Burton, of its data management group.

Users will be able to discover and retrieve "snapshot" copies of data that have been created by products from NetApp, EMC and Hitachi, as well as a number of other vendors. "You have fully integrated system recovery, so you can recover the data whether we backed it up, or whether one of the hardware vendors or system vendors backed up the data," Burton said. "This is a fairly unique approach."

Veritas has paid particular attention to NetApp, and the new version of NetBackup will include a number of features tailored to NetApp's products. In fact, version 6.0 will be the culmination of a two-year collaboration between the two companies, which saw 20 percent of Veritas's more than 400 NetBackup engineers working on the project, according to Burton.

NetBackup can now manage the NetApp Snapshot, SnapRestore and SnapVault software, and NetApp customers will be able to more easily and efficiently backup data using the Veritas software.

NetBackup 6.0 will also have improved NetBackup Operations Manager software that will include real-time reporting tools and a new centralised management console.

As for the Enterprise Vault e-mail archiving software, it is the first version to be released since Veritas purchased the company that developed the product, KVault, for $225 million in August last year.

In July, Veritas will begin shipping Enterprise Vault 6.0, which will support Lotus Domino and Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Enterprise Vault will also be integrated with NetBackup, so sysadmins can migrate their e-mail archives on to different storage devices using the backup software.

Veritas has taken nearly a year to release this upgrade, but it is thought to be worth the wait. Performance improvements and better integration with NetBackup mean the increasingly troublesome task archiving e-mail is made easier.

NetBackup 6.0 will begin shipping by the end of August, Veritas said. Pricing has not yet been determined for either NetBackup 6.0 or Enterprise Vault 6.0.