Veritas has announced version 5 of its Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) and a partner programme. Partner products can use the DLM API to provide more integrated offerings.

Veritas claimed that DLM 5.0 offered better facilities for customers who had to meet regulatory compliance needs across storage media. The partnerships are aimed at extending this to include structured and unstructured data. The software automates the placement, retention, and management of data in virtual archives that span diverse media types including various WORM (write-once, read-many) formats for compliance needs.

The company said that DLM customers could set policies to drive migration across media types, and fix retention periods for both files and messaging data. It contains search and indexing facilities for new and previously archived data. Customers would also be able to index historical backup information from Veritas' NetBackup software.

"Customers are faced with nonstop data growth, limited IT budgets and new government and industry regulations that require them to retain, track, locate and retrieve growing amounts of information, and document these processes," said Brenda Zawatski, VP product marketing for Veritas. "We've created an alliance program which offers customers ways to centrally manage a broad range of data formats, helping them achieve regulatory compliance while controlling IT costs."

Princeton Softech
Veritas is partnering with Princeton Softech, which provides database archiving software. Princeton Softech says it is the only company to offer enterprise-wide database archiving solutions supporting heterogeneous applications, databases and operating platforms.

"Princeton Softech's unique database archiving capabilities address a rapidly emerging market need," said Robert Soderbery, vice president, business development for Veritas. "With a Princeton Softech partnership, we can enable our customers to effectively manage the structured data in their production database environments."

DLM is involved with NetBackup and CommandCentral Service in Veritas' utility computing initiative.