Veritas and Ideal Hardware are teaming up to offer consultancy services to their customers. Although the two companies are not merging their existing consultancy arms, there will be a formal legal agreement between them. There are no plans to set up a separate consultancy, said Ideal director, Mark Walker, “but never say never.”

Although it’s being presented as a service offered to customers, Dr Chris Boorman, Veritas EMEA’s vice president of marketing, said that the deal was partly to keep existing customers, partly to attract new ones and partly to maximise resources at Ideal and Veritas. By partnering this way, it will help avoid having consultants standing idle, said Walker.

“Many companies have a complex world of heterogeneous systems and they’re constantly looking at ways to reduce that cost-base to drive better profit for the company,” said Boorman.

He added that he envisaged the two companies working together to improve the way that end-users manage their resources. “Many customers are using the infrastructure in an inefficient manner. Take storage use from 50 percent to 70 percent and server utilisation from 20 percent to 40 percent. I still find incredible that companies are using human beings for tasks that could be done better by software,” said Boorman.

Walker said that the Ideal consultants would not be obliged to recommend Veritas products if the existing infrastructure used Veritas competitors, but he added that the company had nailed its colours firmly to the Veritas mast.