Veeam Software has upgraded its nworks enterprise management tools to improve the way that VMware Server installations are managed.

The company has incorporated the fruits of its June purchase of nworks into its Version 4.0 of its management software, meaning that users who prefer to use existing management software can now do so. Alec King, Veem's product manager said that "companies who had made a huge investment in particular management software, such as HP Open View, wouldn't have to abandon that software."

King said that the new version of the software would mean a great many advantages for system admins, solving many of their existing problems. "The management of physical devices had always been "a pain point" for managers," he said. "With the new product, physical problems such as power supply failure or excessive temperature can be quickly sent to the enterprise management console without the use of an agent."

One of the key features of Version 4.0 is the ability to manage end-to-end within a VMware environment, said King. This means that managers would be able to examine everything from the virtual servers to the applications sitting within the virtual machines.

The new product supports the emerging CIM SMART standard from the Distributed Management Task Force that aims to produce a common set of protocols for managing the data centre.

Version 4.0 of the Veeam/nworks management connectors is available immediately. Pricing for 2009 for the nworks Smart Plug-in for VMware begins at €662 or £552 per socket.

Back in September, the company warned that organisations were underestimating the costs associated with virtual machine sprawl.