Virtualisation management specialist Veeam has been quick off the mark in supporting VMware's new cloud platform vSphere. The new version of Veeam Monitor has been developed to fully support vSphere said Veeam president and CEO Ratmir Timashev.

"There are two types of support," said Timashev. "There are vendors who say that their product works with vSphere but we go further than that. We're using the advanced functionality of the new APIs, and the new event data features to offer a completely new product." He said that vSphere offered new levels of scalability and the new version of Veeam Monitor would address that and allow its users to identify problems more quickly.

Veeam Monitor 4.0, which is free for all ESX and ESXi installations, offers enhancements in four key areas: storage monitoring so that datastore load can be more easily monitored; hardware monitoring ; physical environmental monitoring (covering such functions as ventilation and power); and process monitoring.

The last named feature was previously available in earlier versions of Veeam Monitor but Timsahev said that the company had no extended it to Linux too. He said this level of monitoring allowed sysadmins to drill right down to individual virtual machines for troubleshooting.

Timashev said that this would be the last upgrade of Veeam Monitor for about 12 months. "We've always aimed for quick iterations but this is now a mature product and we don't have to rush out new versions. We're now looking to incorporate Hyper-V in Veeam Monitor and the next version will include that."