Veeam has announced replication for VMware's ESXi, claiming to be the first company to do so. The feature should have been included in Veeam's Backup and Replication tool released in September but while this supported ESX, ESXi was omitted

According to Ratmir Timashev, the company's president and CEO, there were twin difficulties. "It took longer than we thought because ESXi is so much more difficult to manage than ESX, We had to implement ESXi as we had so many customers looking to move to the new software."

He added that this was a move that made sense for users as it was a much lighter piece of software but wasn't so good for third-parties. "ESXi uses a completely different set of APIs so it's not so easy for the developers." However, Timashev believes that the effort has been worth it. " A lot of our customers are using ESXi so it was something that we had to offer." He said that the company has been a strong supporter of ESXi and was often first out of the block "I'd say we're about a year ahead of the competition," he said.

Replication for ESXi is available now, priced at £429 per socket.