InTechnology is to become a reseller of EVault's online backup service. It has made the decision to migrate its VBAK customers to EVault software and this should complete complete early this year.

The VBAK (virtual backup) service offers networked data backup and rapid online restoration, eliminating a tape-based backup process with associated management overhead, lengthy backup times and problems.

The EVault software provides reduced management and LAN backup overhead, faster backup and restore speed, with multiple sessions in parallel, and no need for hardware on a customer's site.

Tim Wilkinson, commercial director at InTechnology plc, said: "Migrating customers to a new platform is never an easy decision or process. We chose EVault to power VBAK not only for its expert technology and best practices, but also for the flexible software and services delivery model."

EVault, recently acquired by Seagate, is on a roll. Previously it was a component of VBAK. Now it is going to become VBAK.

William da Cunha, vice president of alliances at EVault, said: "Entrusting the entire VBAK customer base to an enhanced solution powered by EVault further strengthens the relationship," with InTechnology. The migration news validates EVault's "technology and software as a service (SaaS) expertise."

Loss-making InTechnology has been under cost-pressures recently and is focusing on high-margin managed services. It sold its European distribution business in March 2006, and its UK distribution business in December 2006. The company has moved into VoIP services and is poised to make an acquisition to strengthen its offering. Currently it has over 3000 terabytes (3PB plus) of customer data under its management.

When EVault was first adopted by InTechnology, Steve Pearce, InTechnology's COO, said: "EVault's experience building software, provisioning it as a carrier-class service and selling it to thousands of customers across North America, positioned them as a compelling company to partner with in Europe."

EVault has over 8,500 small to large enterprise customers globally. Its software includes DeltaPro and patent-pending Adaptive Compression and Expedient Delta-File technologies to reduce data amounts and speed transmission to the networked vault.

The status of existing EVault customers in the UK such as PrĂȘt a Manger is not affected. They won't become InTechnology customers.