Users of Symantec's revamped Veritas NetBackup software say its improved management capabilities and performance have solved the problems that were plaguing older users of the product.

Symantec has introduced Version 6.5 of the backup and recovery software and said it offered users a range of new capabilities including native disk-based backup, simplified data de-duplication, support for VMware virtualisation, heterogeneous snapshot management and continuous data protection.

The upgrade might satisfy some users who have been experiencing some problems but has come too late for some - like the government of Pennsylvania's Dauphin County. George Kuharic, manager of enterprise systems for Dauphin County, said he grew increasingly frustrated with NetBackup's performance early in the decade because it consistently caused problems during backups.

"NetBackup might chug along and do 90 percent of a backup, and then we'd get a network error or something, and it would just kill the job," Kuharic said.

The county dumped NetBackup in favour of CommVault Systems Inc.'s Galaxy backup product last year, and the move has paid big dividends, said Kuharic.

"If I were talking to [Kuharic], I would say that we've gone leaps and bounds from where we were with NetBackup 4.5," said Peter Elliman, senior product marketing manager for NetBackup at Symantec.

NetBackup 6.5 is equipped with a new SAN client that lets storage administrators perform SAN backups to a disk pool, the company said. Further, the upgraded backup tool can be married to Symantec's PureDisk de-duplication technology to minimise unnecessary file duplication and wasted storage space.

NetBackup 6.5 also includes links to EMC's VMware Consolidated Backup centralised backup facility to offload backups from the primary VMware server onto a secondary backup server.