SSL and global balancing for web accelerators
A new operating system release will enable Juniper's DX series of web acceleration boxes to better integrate with SSL VPN routers, as well as simplifying management and delivering improved server load balancing, the company has claimed. It added that modular software and flexible licensing will also allow customers to choose just how much functionality to buy and deploy.

The updated software runs on all the DX systems, which Juniper acquired through its purchase of Redline. It can selectively accelerate web-based applications by applying QoS priority levels, which can then be enforced by Juniper's routers and its DX series (ex-Peribit) WAN acceleration boxes. It can also load balance between multiple data centres, using algorithms that determine which data centre can respond to a request quickest, based on a knowledge of round-trip times and data centre capacity, Juniper said.

Network data recorder downsized
A trimmed-down and cheaper network data recorder will enable organisations to deploy this technology more widely, hopes Networrk Instruments. The GigaStor 2T is a low-end addition to the company's line of troubleshooting tools which can record everything that travels over a network for hours or even weeks.

The £17,995 GigaStor 2T, Able to store 2TB of network data, can then replay network activity on demand, allowing network admins to mine through historical data to track down problems or anomalies - even if they are intermittent or one-off.

Network Instruments said that the device can support up to eight ports at Gigabit wire-speed (the basic version is two ports only) for any combination of SPAN sessions, full-duplex connections, and trunked links. The GigaStor 2T also processes data on the appliance, which eliminates the need to transfer large amounts of data across the network for analysis.

Fail-over software goes virtual
Virtualisation technology is posing new challenges for software suppliers, admitted Sunbelt Software as it announced a version of NSI's Double-Take network fail-over software for virtual systems, along with revised pricing which Sunbelt claimed could cut the cost of implementing Double-Take by two-thirds.

Sunbelt said that the new version runs on several virtual platforms, including VMware ESX and GSX Server, and allows multiple physical servers to fail-over to a single server running multiple virtual machines. It said that consolidating hot-spare servers in this way - its new pricing assumes five virtual machines per physical server - would reduce hardware costs and increase efficiency, as the spares are otherwise heavily under-utilised.