The University of Portsmouth is looking to buy a major new supercomputing facility for its Faculty of Technology.

The facility, which will cost up to £519,600, will primarily be used by the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation to generate simulations of the universe.

The university hopes the simulations will provide insights into the effects of dark matter, dark energy and modifying the law of gravity.

It will also be used to analyse large datasets from the latest generation of cosmological surveys.

The supercomputing facility will require a degree of interoperability with an existing supercomputing environment at the university.

Furthermore, the machine will require hundreds of nodes with rapid speed and memory for parallel processing, as well as significant storage capacity.

“It is essential that our suite of cosmological and programming software (e.g. Gadget-2, IDL) are available for use on the machine and run rapidly,” reads the supercomputer online tender posted on Government Online. “A strong support programme from the hardware provider is also desired.”