The University of Edinburgh's Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC), which houses the UK's most powerful supercomputer, has selected a new data archiving system.

EPCC will use Spectra Logic's T380 tape library to archive its 1,367 teraflops Cray XC30 system, which supports the ARCHER (advanced research computing high end resource) project, which is the UK National Supercomputing Service facility for academic research.

Supercomputer manufacturer Cray reviewed several storage options to recommend for ARCHER.

Barry Bolding, vice president of storage and data management at Cray, said: "We've deployed Spectra Logic libraries in several of the world's largest HPC projects, and these systems are easy to use, reliable, scalable and affordable - all very attractive features for academic institutions."

Lesley Thompson, director of science and engineering at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which helps fund the facility, said: "We are committed to providing top-end advanced computing facilities while maximising energy efficiency.

"The BlueScale interface in this deployment in particular has made encryption and library management very easy overall, and moving the tapes is also a smooth process thanks to the TeraPack trays."

The investment EPCC made in the tape library is further protected by Spectra's TranScale technology. When an organisation requires more throughput or capacity than its current library can handle, TranScale allows it to re-use its existing components in a new T-Series library chassis.

In 2011, the government allocated £43 million to fund ARCHER.