UK servers are on average producing an excess of 632 kilograms (0.622 tons) of CO2 per server per year, according to a new study.

Hosting firm Amenworld says web servers are "needlessly using 1,000 kWh of energy", after surveying over 3,500 dedicated servers across Europe.

It said this was the equivalent of 2,643 jumbo jets, each carrying 423 passengers, flying to India and back again, or one person making over a million return trips to India in a year.

"Like other industries, the hosting industry has a role in the global effort to reduce levels of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere," said Amenworld's UK country manager Olivier Djidjelli.

Two months ago, IT managers were accused of ignoring green issues after a new survey from Morse revealed that 89 percent of businesses had no idea how much energy the IT department used. Last year, the European Commission said it was considering introducing a voluntary code of conduct on energy efficiency for data centre operators.

Djidjelli meanwhile is using the study to push Amenworld's range of Eco servers. The Eco range offers "substantial savings of energy due to a selection of high quality hardware with less energy consuming components and a better configuration," Djidjelli told Techworld in an email.

"As far as the format of the server is concerned, we have chosen a compact and ventilated one given that it directly affects the energy consumption," he said. "The new design enables a better ventilation and heat dissipation and thus plays its role in being more energy efficient by reducing the air-conditioning needed in the data centres and therefore CO2 emission."

Amenworld says that about 500 Eco servers have been sold so far, and expects to sell 1,000 Eco servers by the end of the year.

The range is primarily targeted at the SMB sector. Pricing varies from £39 (excluding VAT) per month for the Eco 1000, whilst the Eco 3000 costs £69 (excluding VAT) per month.

"Because it's green, it is actually cheaper to run; so our clients can also get rewarded for choosing an environmentally friendly hosting solution," Djidjelli said. The company also offers the Duo range of servers which are more suited to 'demanding professionals'.