British computer users are getting a bad deal when it comes to communications, even though it's the 10th most advanced IT country in the world. That's according to the International Telecommunications Union, that has just published its global report on the ICT market.

The UK ranks just 14th however, when it comes to prices for fixed and mobile telephony, well behind the US and world leader, Singapore. However, when it comes to technology infrastructure, the UK is ahead of rivals such as Germany, France and the Netherlands, according to the ITU ICT Development Index.

The Index combines 11 indicators into one measure. These indicators include factors relating to the level of ICT access, use and skills. These include indicators such as households with a computer the number of Internet users; and literacy levels. Northern Europe dominates the index with only Korea breaking into the leaders. Sweden has been named as the most advanced country in the world when it comes to ICT deployment.

The Report finds that nearly all countries have improved their ICT levels during the past five Other economies that have significantly improved their ICT levels include Luxembourg, the UAE, Ireland, Japan, and Italy.

The report has also generated a new tool, the ITU ICT Price Basket, to measure ICT prices across countries. It combines the average cost of fixed telephone, mobile cellular, and Internet broadband and compares 2008 ICT tariffs in 150 countries. Countries that rank at the very top of the ICT Price Basket include Singapore, the US, Luxembourg, Denmark, Hong Kong (China), United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway and Finland.