Online application management company, Standing Cloud is set to work with UK hosting company Tagadab, to offer British users more options when it comes to deploying cloud- hosted applications.

Standing Cloud, which already supports Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and SoftLayer, said that Tagadab's data centre would be the first that it supported in the European Union.

According to Standing Cloud's CEO, Dave Jilk, the company's aim was to improve manageability. "We want to make easy to deploy and manage apps and we use the cloud to do it. We take advantage of the cloud , allowing the customers to retain control and flexibility. You can think of us as a kind of a meta hosting company."

As a result of the partnership with Tagadab , European users will be able to choose from among Standing Cloud's nearly 80 business and technical applications, including applications like WordPress, SugarCRM and OpenVBX.

Standing Cloud will not only provide round-the-clock management and backup facility but will also have the ability to resize the server; auto-restore in case of downtime; and could even port over to another cloud provider if the primary cloud service becomes unavailable.

Jilk said that the target market was not large enterprises not SMEs who might balk at the idea of managing its applications in the cloud and could offer the possibility to support multiple providers. "We move among them seamlessly – that's part of the special sauce. The backups are completely portable and can be moved between cloud providers." He said that Standing Cloud was not for organisations that were looking to use highly complex applications "We only work on single datacentres, nor for larger organisations that may have many. Nor do we handle complex, social media-type applications."