Television’s maths maestro, Carol Vorderman is one of this year’s Internet villains. Countdown’s number-cruncher lines up with the likes of BT and Lycos on the shortlist of the Internet Service Provider Association’s ISPA ever-popular Internet Villain of the Year award.

Vorderman has been fingered for “her uninformed comments on the Internet industry”. An ISPA spokesman said that he couldn’t go into any more detail about the nomination apart from saying that she had been involved in “incidents that jarred with the realities of the Internet”. Vorderman has some form in this area, so it's hard to think of one single incident.

There are some other old lags as well, BT was nominated for greatly “exaggerating the number of people attempting to access websites hosting child pornography” and “for implementing significant price hikes on its small and medium sized ISP wholesale customers with little notice.”

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry was chosen for its “insufficient support for music download services”. Another old favourite, the EU got the nod for threatening the “Country of Origin” principle and, thus threatening e-commerce across Europe. And Lycos made the list for “For encouraging Internet users to participate in denial of service attacks”, thanks to its 'Make love, not spam'screensaver.

The ISPA has also nominated its Internet Hero award – although these are traditionally less fun. The shortlist this year includes a couple of politicians: E-commerce minister Stephen Timms (who has been nominated before) and David Blunkett for his “his self-imposed lesson on the value of privacy”. The Officers of the All Party Internet Group were also nominated for their review of the Computer Misuse Act. The shortlist was completed by industry watchdog Ofcom and RIPE.

The winners of both hero and villain awards will be announced on 24 February.