Toshiba and SanDisk has surpassed expectations and announced that their new Flash memory will be available from December.

A new factory in Japan will start producing nand-type flash memory four months earlier than previously announced.

Flash memory stores data even when the power supply is switched off. Nand flash is the kind of memory that's used in USB storage devices and camera memory cards.

The change in production schedule is to meet increasing demand for the chips, the companies said. It will start production with about 10,000 wafers per month and its capacity will be increased to 40,000 wafers monthly by the end of the first half of 2007. The company originally planned a capacity increase to 37,500 wafers over the same time period, Nagaki said.

As part of making more chips earlier, the factory will be making the chips on more advanced technology sooner than it had announced last April, Toshiba said. Chips will be produced on a 90-nanometer process technology at first, moving to a 70-nanometer process between January and June next year. The original schedule to do this was between April and September 2006, Nagaki said.

The facility will also start mass production on a 55-nanometer process technology in late 2006 rathet than during 2007.