Tibco has overhauled its product line in what one executive called the "single product refresh in our history". The company has introduced some enhancements to realise its enterprise 3.0 vision. The company has overhauled its ActiveMatrix BPM software to make it more adaptable to the way that people work.

The company has introduced Active Matrix 3,0,an upgrade to its business process management software, with an emphasis on human interaction and a speed boost.

Rourke McNamara, Tibco's director of product marketing, said "We've taken an old tool – BPM – and looked at how we can make it force people to work together. We changed the way that it deals with the people, to handle the way people work together

He said that to do this, the company had released software that will help employees work in more natural way, reflecting real workflow patterns. The previously-released tibbr software has been overhauled and tied in ActiveMatrix to help users make decisions over complex data by using 18 different human workflow patterns." 

The software will be much more intuitive to employees. "For example," he said, "people using social media will find it easier to follow subjects, rather than people. That's what you want in business, you're not so much interested in who said something, but what they were talking about," he said.

McNamara said that there had been an attempt to speed up processing time too. "For Enterprise 3.0, we want to make sure that we can support our customers on a massive scale, therefore the infrastructure needs to scale to billions of events." He said that to aid this, there had been a massive boost in speed. "We've taken messaging technology from a latency measure in microseconds, down to latency measured in nanoseconds.

The company has also launched a single environment for building applications across the entire Tibco range of products The new development environment, based on Eclipse toolset, will be included with ActiveMatrix 3.0.