Tibco Software is set to enter the hardware market with its Tibco Messaging Appliance.

The device, which is scheduled for a September launch, will be used for applications such as algorithmic trading and serve as an addition to the Tibco Rendezvous messaging product family. It will accelerate the capabilities of Rendezvous software and work with existing Tibco Rendezvous messaging application installations.

"This is the first Tibco appliance," said Matt Quinn, Tibco senior vice president of engineering and technologies. The company is expanding into hardware to accommodate what was described as explosion in event-processing.

Details were not offered on the internals of the appliance, which is being manufactured by Solace Systems. The product will cut datacentre power use and optimise space utilisation, Tibco said.

Tibco has announced several other new products, including its planned use of Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in technology as an avenue for developing rich interfaces for Tibco products. Silverlight will complement Tibco's General Interface technology.

Also announced was availability of SpotFire enterprise analytics software, featuring mashup capabilities. Integration with existing mashups also is featured. Tibco's Spotfire operational analytics system also was announced, featuring a closed-loop system for analysis and making continual business improvements.

Tibco introduced ActiveSpaces, for handling large volumes of data in memory with very fast access time. "Distributed cache is a complex problem," and Tibco wants to make this technology easy to use, Quinn said.

The company's Business Events version 3 system, meanwhile, is in final phases of testing. It will provide distributed and clustered rules, complex event processing and a streaming engine.

The Tibco iProcess BPM system version 11 was announceded, offering real-time worklist management, an updated installation and capabilities for LDAP. Accompanying iProcess 11 is Business Studio version 3, featuring Eclipse backing and enablement of process as services. Business Studio has provided business process management capabilities such as modeling.

Tibco announced Managed Transfer, for complex file transfer; ActiveMatrix Service Performance Management, for predictive performance and Enterprise Message Service Version 5 offers new support for server to client-side multicasts and improvements in database support, security and plug-in capabilities.