In the face of growing industry focus on long-distance Ethernet networks, Thus has launched an international Frame Relay/ATM service.

It will sell connections over Infonet's network to international destinations such as Turkey, China, Australia, and South Africa.

IP VPN product manager Falk Bleyl said that customers wanted an international connection, and could have it presented as ATM or as an IP VPN.

COO Phil Male said that, "Establishing a relationship with a global company that we trust [such as Infonet] means that we can now offer international data services at the highest possible standard and can provide customers with the same quality of service that they expect within the UK."

However, Bleyl added that, "price is one of those dimensions that makes a customer choose you as a supplier or reject you, so we're keen to deliver an attractive price."

On the relationship between Thus and Infonet, Male commented, "We are confident that the Infonet network will live up to THUS's commitment to strong service level guarantees for network availability and data delivery."