Dell has made a comprehensive upgrade of its disk, tape and storage area network (SAN) management products. There are:

  • A serial-ATA (SATA) II disk option for its PowerVault MD1000 direct-attached storage (DAS) extension unit. Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) support was recently announced.
  • Two new network-attached storage (NAS) products, based on Dell's dual-Xeon PowerEdge 2900 and 2950 servers. These come installed with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, and can be up and running in fifteen minutes after delivery according to Dell.
  • SAN management is now carried out by a single console integrating Dell IT Assistant management software with EMC’s Navisphere product.
  • New tape products: the PowerVault ML6030 control module and PowerVault ML6000 expansion module, both with intelligence and self-diagnostic capabilities to increase availability.

The NAS products have Single Instance Storage (SIS) and improved file replication features with distributed file system (DFS) for storage capacity optimisation and simplified branch office operations. It means they could be used as disk-to-disk backup targets.

The DAS products can now mix and match SAS and SATA drives in one enclosure to provide both performance and capacity-based disk tiers. The SATA drives are half the cost per GB of the SAS drives.

With the new tape products the ML6000 expansion module offers additional drive and cartridge capacity for any ML6000 tape library system. The ML6030 scales up to 10 Fibre Channel or SCSI tape drives and 128 LTO-3 cartridges.

Dell’s NAS Storage Servers are available today starting around £1,629. The PowerVault MD1000 is available this month starting around £2,399. Customers can buy the PowerVault ML6030 CM from about £20,599 and the PowerVault ML6000 EM from around £8,000.