Forget the received wisdom that telecoms costs are falling, enterprise expenditure for both voice and data is on the rise. That's according to comms costing specialist Ezwim, claiming that the increased use of telecoms is pushing up an enterprise's comms bills by about eight percent a year.

The company made the startling claim as it announced the latest version of Total Telecom Management (TTM), which, guess what, allows users to analyse and manage telecoms costs. It said that the new version could automatically generate business cases for introducing voice-over-IP and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), by taking an enterprise's actual telecoms usage and showing how the cost would change.

TTM is software-as-a-service (SaaS), Ezwim said. It pulls in costing data from the operators, including international, VoIP and mobile calling costs, and allows users to apply this to their own usage information and generate reports.

Ezwim's marketing manager, Wendy van Meer, said that while previous versions allowed customers to analyse their organisation's comms usage down to the departmental and even individual level, this release is the first to offer pre-planned reports for specific purposes.

"We're now adding a VoIP business case 'on a plate,' rather than just the input to create such a case," she claimed. The service can also offer subscription advice, to ensure organisations are using the most cost-effective operator price plan, she added.

"Companies are using more mobile data, more mobile phones, and roaming is rising, so although prices are decreasing on average, usage is rising," she continued.

"The eight percent figure is based on in-house research. We have 860,000 end-users on our system so we can see how telecom spend is developing over time, we also know what our clients are expecting for the future."

She said that access to TTM costs between one and four euro a month per employee, depending on the size of the client organisation.