Tape storage experts Tandberg Data and data recovery top bods Ibas have got together in a storage love-in that will see Tandberg push Ibas' services and include information on Ibas' products on all its tapes worldwide. In return, Ibas will give Tandberg customers highest priority if something disastrous happens to their network.

The tie-in is a good one in a market that is having a tough time at the moment and remains dominated by a few huge companies. In marketing jibber, Tandberg has a unique selling proposition by offering customers a storage system and the insurance to go with it, saving them having to research and select two different companies.

Ibas on the other hand gets guaranteed extra business and its parent company, The Norman Group, can add storage to its wide-ranging services (it currently covers risk analysis, virus control, firewalls, encryption, data recovery and erasure, and forensics).

Tandberg marketing director Volker Langer had this to say over the matter: "We feel a strong commitment to all our loyal customers, who depend on continuous access to their data. When critical situations arise, we want to be able to help them recover their data as fast and as effectively as possible." Which is nice.

He went on: "We chose to work with Ibas, a company that in the course of its 25 years' worth of experience, has shown that it is among the leading experts in the field of data recovery. Ibas is based in 18 countries and offers 24-hour customer support. We feel confident that Ibas will help our tape storage customers around the world."

Ibas was no less infatuated. Marketing head honcho Jan Holm offered: "Ibas is proud that Tandberg Data has chosen to rely on our data recovery services. We know just how serious an impact the loss of critical business information can have on a company, and this agreement shows just how professional Tandberg Data is by offering data recovery services for their customers."

And if you wanted proof they really do love each other, he continued: "We see this agreement as an important milestone for Ibas, and it will be exciting to see how much potential growth these new marketing channels can generate for us in this market niche."

We wish them all the best in the future.