WAN virtualisation company Talari has announced a new appliance, the T750, aiming at the mid-range market of companies with at least 24 branch sites but, for whom,the data centre device, the T3000 is too expensive.

 The company claimed that the product would allow customers to boost their bandwidth, reducing the the monthly WAN costs by as much as 90 percent. The T750 has been designed to work in conjunction with Talari's T730 branch office device or the T200 appliances deployed in small office locations.

Talari said that WAN virtualisation was very distinct from WAN optimisation although the two technologies were very complementary.

Keith Morris, Talari's VP of marketing explained the difference, “WAN optimisation views WAN bandwidth as scarce and expensive so you need to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the network by doing data de-duplication and compression. In real terms it may be possible to get 100x performance boost for any given file but on average, deploying WAN optimisation is only like a one time 2x or 4x performance boost."

Morris continued, " The WAN virtualisation view of the world is that there is plenty of cheap bandwidth out there, driven by the explosion of Internet bandwidth and broadband access technologies, you just need to make it reliable enough for business use. The price difference between private WANs and Internet connectivity really is 30x to 100x and it is relatively easy to get 10x or 20x more bandwidth at a remote site using the Internet versus an expensive T1 MPLS connection.”

However, added Morris, organisations could well use both technologies. “You might use WAN optimisation to fix certain applications on the network and then use WAN virtualisation to reduce the monthly OpEx of the network and add more bandwidth for applications like video that are not helped directly by WAN optimisation.”

 Morris said the company had addressed the concerns of managers worrying about security by using 128-bit AES encryption for the data sent between appliances.

The company has signed up Zycko as the UK distributor with several channel partners, including Essential Networks, Netmetix, Ventura, & Agenda IT. The T750 is priced at $23,315.