Users could save 90 percent of transmission time taken in uploading a document over a WAN claim Tacit Networks.

The company said that the latest version of its Ishared software adds WAN optimisation to speed up TCP/IP, which, company vice president of marketing, Noah Breslow, said was "not designed for a WAN."

The software accelerates TCP/IP by buffering data and using local acknowledgements at the branch office. The reduction feature means that if data is sent twice, a 21-byte reference to the original data stream is used the second time instead of the data stream itself, which could be 4KB or more. And while reduction helps save time on second transmissions, data compression is designed to save time initially, Breslow said.

As a result, a document using MicrosoftÂ’s SharePoint collaboration application, which would normally take 94 seconds to transmit, takes just 10 seconds on the first transmission and 7 seconds the second time, Breslow said.

Previous versions of the software provided similar functionality for storage protocols.

The branch-office appliance costs around US$7,500, depending on the number of users and the size of the cache.