Symantec has offered $150 million for storage management company PowerQuest in its bid to join the information lifecycle management bandwagon.

Subject to the usual regulatory approval and shareholder agreement, the company will pick up PowerQuest’s storage management and disaster recovery technology to add to its existing Ghost product and hence fulfil the en vogue “cradle-to-grave” data management system.

Ghost currently makes backups of computer hard drives but this will be extended to protecting servers, laptops and handhelds from sudden disasters and so cover the whole company.

The move follows other recent announcements from StorageTek, EMC and HP to provide so-called information lifecycle management (ILM), although Symantec has gone for the name Active State Management. Similar pronouncements from IBM and Hitachi are expected to follow shortly.

This is what Symantec president and COO, John Schwarz, had to say: "As security becomes a significant factor in ongoing infrastructure management, the combination of security and imaging technologies, along with Symantec's strong channel presence, will be a powerful force in bringing our customers new IT management capabilities that leverage the convergence of systems and storage management." Which basically means “we’re moving with the market on this one”.

PowerQuest’s software packages include VolumeManager, PartitionMagic Professional and ServerMagic which allows for a variety of storage management. It also has V2i Protector, which Symantec says “complements Symantec's existing line of anti-virus products, and provides a second line of defense against computer viruses and worms”. Which is nice.