Symantec has new data protection software that lets sysadmins monitor, control and manage all the backups in their enterprise networks.

Called LiveState Recovery Manager 3.0, it offers a consolidated view of enterprise-wide backups, monitors remote systems from a central console and verifies backup integrity. With the software, sysadmins can automatically deploy backup services and create policies that govern the backup operations that take place.

It is a new product - the 3.0 designation simply coincides with the company’s LiveState Recovery 3.0 data protection product.

It can also identify how many devices are enabled for recovery, how many have jobs scheduled, how many have missed scheduled jobs and how many are offline. The number of incidents are displayed graphically and links are provided to help resolve any problems identified.

LiveState Recovery Manager is linked to Symantec’s pcAnywhere remote control product. Itis also linked to the Snap Server manager. It stems from Symantec's acquisition of PowerQuest in September 2003.

LiveState Recovery Manager is expected to be available in April starting at $341 for the advanced server and $19.94 for each desktop backed up.