Victorinox is unfolding a trio of Swiss Army knives that include secure USB drives, including what it calls the world's smallest solid-state drive.

The Victorinox Secure SSD stores 256GB and is supposed to offer double the read speed and triple the write speed of other fast USB flash drives. In addition to secure data encryption, it sports a customisable LCD/e-paper display that shows how much space is available.

The waterproof, shock-resistant Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo come in multiple colours and include a nail file, blade and scissors as well as a USB fob that holds up to 64GB on the Slim or 128GB on the Slim Duo. Should you fear a holdup at the airport security line, the Slim is available in a knife-free, "flight friendly" version.

Victorinox also announced the Presentation Master, a USB flash drive and pocket knife with secure data encryption that includes a Bluetooth remote control, fingerprint authentication and a cat-teasing laser pointer.

Pricing is not yet available.