Sun is opting for a gentle launch for its keenly-awaited Honeycomb launch. This much-feted super-NAS, content-aware storage system is being shown at the ongoing National Associations of Broadcaster's show in the USA. You can see pictures of it here.

However, Sun's NAB06 press release, dated April 18, 2006, does not mention it. There is going to be a storage emphasis in Sun's next quarterly product announcement and that would be a logical time to announce it formally.

According to Honeycomb development manager Jeremy Werner: "The founder of the product, inventor of many of its core ideas, and head of the combined software/hardware team was ... Steve Waterhouse." Waterhouse is now working for a venture capital company. For more details see this blog entry.

Honeycomb uses 500GB, 7,200rpm Serial ATA drives and AMD Opteron processors. The demo system appears to have 64 drives giving it a 32TB raw capacity.

Honeycomb will compete with EMC's Centera and HP's RISS products in a market increasingly driven by compliance and legal discovery needs. (See our background article here.)