Sun is set to announce two modular storage systems that allow users to scale their existing capacity and complement the company's Sun StorageTek 6920 and 6130 mid-range arrays.

The StorEdge 6540 array, formerly known as the StorageTek FlexLine 380, adds new features such as RoHS compliance, 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel disks and 500GB Serial ATA drives. The Sun StorageTek 6140, code-named Whitney, is a 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel array that can be both directly attached to a server or to a storage-area network (SAN).

The StorEdge 6540 has 4GB to 16GB of cache memory and eight Fibre Channel host connections. It has a maximum capacity of 112TB or 224 disk drives.

The Sun StorageTek 6140 features eight Fibre Channel host interfaces, two controllers and a 1Gbps, 2Gbps or 4Gbps host interface speed.

It uses either Fibre Channel or Serial ATA II disk drives for a maximum capacity of 57TB. The 6140 also features dual redundant controllers and from 2GB to 4GB of cache memory. The 6140 replaces the StorageTek Flexline 210 and 240.

Both arrays are modular and rack-mountable. They are managed from the same web-based management console, which runs on a Sun Solaris machine. Both the StorageTek 6140 and 6540 are expected to be available immediately.