Why is Sun positioning its OEM version of HDS' new NCS55 as an enterprise product while HDS and H-P are positioning it as a mid-range product? Simple. Its StorEdge 6920 multi-vendor virtualising array is different from its StorEdge 9985 multi-vendor virtualising array. Whoops; two different products with same basic function. The problem is solved by putting them in different market sectors, leaving the mid-range clear for the 6920. It was helpful to Sun that HDS added FICON and ESCON mainframe connectivity to the NSC55

BakBone' >Tandberg has introduced a really thin LTO 2 autoloader. It's only 1U high and uses a half-height 420LTO drive. Capacity is up to 1.6TB raw data and it transfers up to 1.7GB/hour through an Ultra 160 SCSI/LVD interface. wo removable magazines hold four cartridges each. Magazines, drive, power supply and fans are all field-replaceable units.

Gudmundur Einarsson, CEO at Tandberg Data, said: "Our new 1U LTO2 StorageLoader will cost less than a LTO3 full height drive and store four times the capacity, while providing integrated automated-backup and manageability features."

IDC liked it. "The Tandberg 1U LTO2 StorageLoader meets the increasingly growing trends in rackmount servers where more and more SMBs and corporate IT departments are consolidating their servers and storage into rackmount environments," commented Robert Amatruda, research manager at IDC. "Tandberg Data¹s innovative design offers the highest removable storage density in a 1U rackmount autoloader while providing scalability, administration and serviceability."

The Tandberg StorageLoader family includes DLT VS160 tape technology and will ultimately incorporate future half-height drive technologies for higher storage capacities. The LT02 unit starts at £2,900 ex. VAT.

BakBone has unveiled backup encryption software in the form of a NetVault Encryption Application Plug-in Module. Users can encrypt backup data at its source (database, file server or desktop). This does not require additional hardware so, Bakbone states: "lowering the costs and complexities usually associated with security appliances." True, but host computer maps are used up doing the encryption. It looks a good product for occasional encryption where the cost of an encryption appliance can't be justified. Recently DISUK announced its £9,995 SafeTape product combining an encryption appliance with a tape drive, and this provides a price check.