Submarine cable provider Emerald Networks today announced it is teaming up with UK fibre network provider Geo Networks to deliver two diverse optical fibre routes from Dublin to London.

Emerald Networks provides a low latency trans-Atlantic submarine cable system connection between the US and Iceland and the US and Ireland over a route known as the "Emerald Express". The partnership with Geo will enable the Dublin-based company to penetrate the UK and mainland Europe for the first time. 

"The Emerald Express is a new-build network connecting North America to Europe with extraordinary new capacity that can handle current – and more importantly – future demand faster," the company said on its website. "It will disrupt the ageing transatlantic fibre systems and bring a new super highway across the Atlantic at 100 Gbps."

The new routes between Dublin and London will go across Geo's East-West subsea system, which was completed last December. It provides the most advanced, secure and reliable, high performance network between the two countries, according to Geo. 

Emerald said it wants to take advantage of Geo’s position in the UK data centre connectivity market to facilitate connectivity to all the UK’s major exchanges, internet hubs and colocation data centres, as well as providing the critical interconnect points for accessing markets in mainland Europe. The company claimed the extension will connect the major US markets with the most important data centres in the UK and beyond.

Emerald Networks CEO William Marra said: “It provides a vital link to our terrestrial backhaul network creating a seamless link from our POP locations in Dublin to those in London."

Meanwhile, Geo Networks CEO Chris Smedley said: "Geo’s network assets are perfectly aligned with the demanding specifications of the Emerald Express system and will provide seamless connectivity from Ireland to the UK and onwards to the rest of Europe.”