Telcos are still struggling to compete with over the top (OTT) service players, taking "up to two years" to fully launch new services.

At this week's NetEvents IT symposium in Portugal, tier one telco equipment provider Juniper Networks said telcos were failing to transform themselves to meet market demands.

Nigel Oakley, director of the EMEA cloud centre of excellence at Juniper Networks, said, "From my dealings with them, telcos' main concerns are service scalability and elasticity. Tier one players are taking up to two years - from idea to implementation across their network - to fully launch a new service."

Oakley said, "As a result many just give up from launching many services as it takes so long to launch them when compared to the OTT players."

Chris Purdy, CTO of CENX, concurred, "Telcos' OSS' have to be improved and streamlined, traditionally they have not been suited to compete with the OTT players."

Another way for telcos to keep up may well be going down the partnership and stakeholder investment route.

Tom Homer, head of EMEA and the Americas at Telstra Global, said the Australian telco had taken financial stakes in the likes of Box, DocuSign, TeleSign and Ooyala to help add to its service offering in the cloud.

Homer said, "We don't want to be Facebook, but we want to be in the cloud providing services."