StorLife, specialists in content-addressable storage (CAS) has teamed up with CA to bundle its software with CA’s email archive product Message Manager.

StorLife, which was launched in the summer, offers users a low entry point to CAS, said Colin Kaye, StorLife’s managing director. "We offer the possibility of 250GB of storage, our competitors don’t go as low as all that," he said.

He agreed that 250GB was low even for small businesses but said that users often opted to employ the StorLife system on an application basis. "You could get Blue Chip companies who would want to use it for a particular application, even to store data from an ERP application," he said.

Kaye said that StorLife, which starts from 3000 euros (or £2091 at current conversion rates), was not just about the low entry point. "One key element is that we’re hardware-independent. Most of our competitors offer CAS as part of a particular hardware implementation – we support any vendor’s product and that makes us very attractive to users."

He said that the product had several other strong features. "It offers users a unique digital fingerprint for every document that’s saved. There’s a comprehensive lifecycle management feature and we offer the most secure shredding implementation as recommended by the Ministry of Defence."

Kaye said that the deal with CA and Message Manager was just one path to market. "We sell through our parent company Softco bundled with its documentation management product, but we also have additional VARs."