StorageTek is going to provide customers with the IXOS-eCONserver for Exchange and IXOS-eCONserver for Lotus as part of its Email Xcelerator products. StorageTek may also resell the IXOS-eCON Solution Suite, which is said to manage documents and data across an enterprise, including groupware, enterprise content and e-mail archives. StorageTek says this will help customers retain an archive of email for a fixed period of time, so complying with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II.

Compared to Veritas' data life cycle offering this is a fuller set of products. StorageTek will be able to offer its customers content management facilities as part of its overall Information Lifecycle Management strategy. Business documents in SAP, Siebel, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, and Lotus Notes environments plus and custom applications can all be included. Veritas can do none of this.

HDS is adding IXOS and AppIQ offerings to its drive array products (see story) and has a two-tier data lifecycle offering although it readily confirms that another tier is coming. Veritas says it is relying on partners to add content management to its data lifecycle offering (see story). IXOS deals with HDS and StorageTek suggest that Veritas may not have its eye firmly enough on the content management ball, particularly so if IXOS snags a few more partners.

Vendors are moving fast to add compliance facilities to their data-focused product sets. It's almost as if there is a stampede to get a complete offering as customers are forced by governments to add expensive compliance software and processes to their daily operations. The cost of doing business is steadily rising. It's a nice position for IXOS to be in.